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Next Generation Tolling

For millions of highway travellers
Decongesting Toll Plazas

An Integrated End-to-End
Toll Management System
Prepay or Pay Cash at Toll Plaza

Our Awesome Benefits
Disruptive Value Proposition

For Toll Operators

  • Increase in revenue
  • No upfront cost
  • Service pays for itself
  • Live remote monitoring
  • No loss of revenue due to congestion
  • No loss of revenue due to locals
  • No pilferage
  • Full transparency and 100% audit
  • Reduced management cost
  • Custom reporting
  • Quick reconciliation and settlement
  • Complementary to Fastag program
  • User delight
  • Toll operator delight

For Users

  • Simple to adopt and use
  • Use on the fly
  • Full flexibility
  • Full transparency
  • Correct toll fees
  • No disputes
  • Saving of valuable time
  • Savings on fuel
  • Easy account management for admins
  • Seamless business travel for employees
  • Custom ride policies
  • Custom reporting
  • Choice in addition to Fastag program
  • User delight

For Government Agencies

  • Decongestion of toll plazas
  • Significant increase in throughput
  • Savings on fuel and reduction of emissions
  • Complementary to Fastag program
  • Full transparency
  • Significant increase in digital payment
  • Central monitoring
  • Ease of adoption and use
  • Future proof e.g. distance based tolling
  • Reduced management cost
  • Custom reporting
  • User delight
  • Toll operator delight
  • Government delight

“Ways have fulfilled our stringent requirement and passed all the test beyond our expectation required for efficient and effective toll collection system.“
Live at RGSL

Ways resolved TMS related problems at RGSL beyond our expectations, which no other company was able to resolve till date.

We strongly feel that Ways tolling system can decongest toll plazas in India.”

Infrastructure Developers Ltd.

Our vision is to create a new innovative Tolling System that is simple, economical, efficient, effective, transparent and future proof


We treat our customers with integrity as we would like to be treated as customer

+91 9810158856

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